Workshops & Retreats: Yoga or OT

Single-event or short series hands-on workshops tailored to the needs of your group. 

Common topics include: 

  • Yoga for physical impairment, intellectual disability, stress management or anxiety
  • Self-soothing techniques for intense workplace or school environments
  • Introduction to basic meditation and breathing techniques
  • Care for the caregiver
  • Fine motor skill development with a whole-child approach (OT)
  • Sensory processing from a yogic perspective
  • Trusting your unique path

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Private Yoga or Occupational Therapy Consultations

A limited number of openings is available on a sliding scale fee basis for consultation to assist with development/adaptation of your yoga practice or your occupational therapy program.

  • All physical abilities and ages welcome. 
  • Participants must be able to follow simple instructions, with caregiver present for physical assistance as needed.
  • All consultations held in participant’s home or at an agreed upon community location. 

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Speaking Engagements & Student/Practitioner Consultations

Meg is available to share her journey with rehabilitation and yoga via speaking engagement or private consultation. 

Sample of groups & individuals who may benefit from these services:

  • OT/PT and yoga teacher students
  • Parents of children experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety
  • Parents of children with coordination and motor planning struggles
  • Caregivers (in family or work settings) experiencing burnout or overwhelm
  • Support and community-building groups for children and adults living with disability
  • Rehabilitation provider individuals or groups (OTs, PTs, SLPs, RTs) 

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