Personalized Yoga

Perhaps you’ve meandered past that softly-lit, herbal-scented yoga studio up the road many times, but haven’t touch a toe over the threshold, despite its magnetism.

Or maybe you gathered up your courage to try a class – beginner, supposedly, but whew it was hard, and you spent the next day with your hip on ice.

Could be your body is nowhere near “yogi condition” – you have a chronic illness or disease that makes you ache, or prevents you from ordering your limbs around. It certainly prohibits any pretzel poses.

Sometimes, you just need a teacher who can meet you where you are, with all your body’s quirks and particularities. I got you.

There’s no body (for real, no body) that can’t experience the benefits of yoga. We live our day-to-day in a world where the external, physical body is what counts – how well you move, how you look. But in yoga, those are details. The hidden joy of asana (movement practice) is the awareness it brings to the subtler, infinitely more magical space within you.

Yoga sessions that have been personalized to your needs and adapted to your abilities will change the way you move, think and feel. Your yoga practice may just give you the roots you’ve been craving in a busy world and unpredictable body. What do you say?

Currently, Gray Bird is a mobile operation, bringing yoga sessions and workshops to your home or community location (help is available for finding these). Hop over to my Services page for more information on what I offer and how to get started.

Note: Young children and those with conditions limiting ability to follow simple directions are welcome; however, at least one caregiver must be present per participant to assist.