Occupational Therapy

What exactly do occupational therapists do? 

A courageous question that occupational therapists know well! I’m always grateful when people ask, because oh boy do I love to talk about OT.

Occupational therapy (OT) sounds like job coaching, but it sure isn’t – it’s a dynamic healing experience that makes everyday purposeful activity (occupations) accessible. The word “occupation” has fallen out of use unless you’re talking about the source of your paycheck – but in the 1920s, when OT was young, it made perfect sense.

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people participate in the activities that give life meaning. For little ones, this may mean learning to eat or move or play despite physical, emotional or cognitive challenges. For those recovering from injury or illness, it’s finding a “new normal” that sustains body and soul. For still others with aging bodies, chronic illnesses or disabilities, it’s staying as independent as possible with the day-to-day things that make your heart sing (or at least keep you headed in the direction you’d like to go).

I’m a member of the rapidly growing holistic occupational therapy community, a network of brilliant hearts and minds embracing the benefits of western medical therapy while making space for whole-person, integrative care. It’s a movement that speaks directly to my heart, and is dramatically improving the wellbeing and health of people across the globe.

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