Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a session with you?

Use the Contact form (find it via the top menu bar) or email me directly at I’ll be in touch shortly to schedule and/or answer any questions you might have. 

What does a typical yoga session look like? How long will it last?

I’ll come to your home or our agreed-upon space for the first session and we will set up a simple yoga space together. Your first session will be a bit longer (about an hour and 20 minutes) so I can answer questions and give you more info about how our series will go. Other sessions will run about 60 minutes. 

Typically, after a check-in to help me direct the session to your needs (are you extra sore somewhere today? do you want help with a certain pose? is there something you’d like yoga to help you accomplish – maybe easier transfers, or less fear of hurting your back while exercising?), we complete a sequence including breathing, movement and relaxation components together. This is a little different for everyone – I use yoga principles of movement, breath and awareness tailored to you. That specialization is the reason that Gray Bird services get rave reviews. You don’t have to adapt to the class’ pace and style, because I adapt the session to you!

Where do you offer yoga? What studio do you work in?

I offer individual and small group sessions in your very own home! Most of my clients love this, and especially love my help in setting up a peaceful yoga space that they can use any time they please. For small groups, we often push aside some furniture in the living room, basement or bonus room, roll out some mats, and voila! Impromptu yoga studio.

If working in your home is not happening (too distracting! I need to get out! nowhere near enough space!) or your group is too large, I’ll help scout out an alternative. Sometimes we borrow a church basement, use an empty conference room or rent a yoga studio space by the hour. There are endless options and I’m a pro at finding comfortable, available spaces all over the Twin Cities.

How far will you travel?

I am based in the Twin Cities area and am happy to travel within Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs on a regular basis. If you are further out, shoot me a note and let’s chat about options that work for us both.

I went to a yoga class once. It was horrible. I was bad at it. It made me sore. It aggravated my [fill in trouble area here]. Why should I try again?

Even the greatest yoga class in a studio is just that – a class in a studio. Good teachers will attend to their class members as individuals as well as the whole group, but honestly, it’s really hard to do this well when you may have many new students in every class. 

My occupational therapy and adapted yoga background allows me to tailor your yoga sessions to your needs. I offer individual and small group (2-6) sessions to ensure I can adapt yoga to suit you and avoid all those issues. 

What if I sign up for a series and hate yoga? I’m not sure it’s my thing.

First, let me reassure you – I have never, ever had someone hate personalized yoga or OT. In fact, just the opposite – they can’t say enough about how much they love the experience. So rest easy! Odds are really great that together we can find a version of yoga that leaves your soul singing.

I’ve created a discounted introductory session to ease your mind. Try it once, then make a decision about signing up for a package if you choose.

Do you work with kids? How about elders? How about [fill in the age group here]? How about people who can’t walk/talk/bend easily?

Yes, yes, yes! All ages and abilities welcome. Kids under ten and people with physical disabilities requiring extra support need a caregiver present. Our sessions are usually as nice for the caregiver as they are for the participant!

What if my kid/parent/friend/relative can’t follow directions?

Let’s touch base about this. Depending on the situation, there are lots of great yoga and OT tools to help caregivers connect with loved ones whose minds and bodies can pose special challenges. Together, we can decide if Gray Bird services are a good fit.

When are you going to teach a regular class in a studio?

Right now, the individual and small group service model works best for my clients and me. It allows me to be fully, wholly with you. I get to hear your concerns, answer your questions, adjust every pose and activity as we go to make you comfortable and offer a just-right challenge. 

That said, I do teach some larger groups on request. Typically, those classes are a 6-8 session series in an agreed-upon location (church space, community center, accessible yoga studios). Contact me for more information.