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All are welcome & celebrated: Any age, any body, any life story.

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“We do in-home yoga with Meg because it’s a gentle, low-impact exercise that the twins can participate in, and with Sydney’s recent surgery, we wanted an instructor who knew how to adapt yoga to her specific needs. It has been an awesome experience overall. Wouldn’t change anything!”     – D’Anne

Meg Nalezny is an occupational therapist (OT) and yoga instructor with a specialty in adapting yoga for all bodies, minds, and circumstances. She offers private yoga and occupational therapy consultations and workshops, and speaks to groups of all varieties in the beautiful Twin Cities area. 

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I love helpers who jump right in with me as I demonstrate poses!
Most yoga poses happen eyes open, but sometimes a brief close of the eyes lets us find our feet, or feel some expansion, in a whole new way.
Shining out starlight! Just try to hold these brilliant stars back – they’re unstoppable.
A moment of quiet at the start of a big, exciting day filled with rehearsals and performances.
Participants and volunteers were just getting to know one another – but made some wonderful partners for two-person poses!
Supported forward fold (uttanasana), letting our hair hang down
Practicing arms wide with a little help from our volunteer friends.
Lending a little support to one another and enjoying our inherent connection.

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